Informatics Education

Affordable and Informative Textbooks

Health Informatics: Practical Guide is in its seventh edition and now has Dr. William Hersh as Co-Editor and Author. It was published in June 2018 and because it is self-published it is very current, unlike many books published by commercial publishers. 

There are 22 chapters covering multiple informatics topics of interest to informatics professionals.


Introduction to Biomedical Data Science was launched in December 2019. Dr. Hoyt was fortunate to find excellent authors and a Co-Editor Bob Muenchen who is an expert in R programming and biostatistics. 

There are 11 chapters covering topics from spreadsheets to artificial intelligence. YouTube videos are included in most chapters along with data exercises.


Data Preparation and Exploration: Applied to Healthcare Data was written for anyone who has to prepare, clean, explore and visualize data. The techniques discussed include spreadsheets, statistical packages and programming languages. 


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