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Chapter 1: Overview of Biomedical Data Science. The chapter discusses the definitions related to the field, data scientists, education, and careers. Concrete examples of data science and data analytics are presented. On for $8.95

Chapter 2: Spreadsheet Tips & Tricks. The chapter discusses both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Common procedures such as filtering, conditional formatting, pivot tables, etc. are presented. A diabetic registry is used for data examples and exercises, along with YouTube videos created by the author. On for $8.95

Chapter 3: Biostatistics Primer. The chapter reviews all major biostatistics concepts without higher math being required. Healthcare data are used as examples. On for $8.95

Chapter 4: Data Visualization. The chapter presents the appropriate visualizations based on data types. Healthcare data are used for examples and exercises.  Visualizations using R programming are also presented. On for $8.95

Chapter 5: Introduction to Database. The chapter discusses database systems and then covers how to program with SQL. Multiple common SQL commands are presented and integrated with Data World. On for $8.95

Chapter 6: Big Data. The chapter discusses the definition of big data and the hardware and software requirements for analysis. On for $8.95

Chapter 7: Bioinformatics and Precision Medicine. The chapter reviews newer genomic and other "omics" in this field. On for $8.95

Chapter 8: Programming languages for Data Analysis. The programming languages R and Python are discussed. In addition, multiple software packages that use R as the backend analytical engine but have a graphical user interface are presented. On Lulu for $8.95

Chapter 9: Machine Learning. The chapter discusses multiple open source or free software programs that the reader can explore and that do not require any programming experience. Examples and exercises are available. On for $8.95

Chapter 10: Artificial Intelligence. The chapter discusses multiple definitions such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, etc. Separate sections discuss computer vision, Natural Language Processing and the many challenges facing medical AI today. On for $8.95

Chapter 11 Biomedical Data Science Resources. The chapter includes a reference library and is downloadable for free here

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