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Instructor's Page for Health Informatics: Practical Guide


If you are an instructor who would like an electronic copy of our textbook, you are eligible for a free PDF copy after registering by clicking the Registration button below. There is a short delay until the academic email and credentials are verified. Once approved, you will be provided access to the requested materials. If you provide the university course number of the course that requires our textbook, we will also provide access to the PowerPoints and Instructor Manual. The Instructor Manual includes the following sections: background, learning objectives, chapter outline, teaching recommendations, student exercises and sample questions

Your students can purchase the PDF, Kindle, print book, as well as rent an online version through In addition, your library can purchase an enterprise-wide site license. Individual chapters are also available with an explanation under the Textbook Choices tab above. The first chapter Overview of Health Informatics is available as a free download in that section as well.

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