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                                                               Robert Hoyt MD FACP FAMIA ABPM-CI






Dr. Hoyt received his undergraduate education at the University of Virginia and his medical education at Virginia Commonwealth University. While still on active duty in the US Navy he became involved with multiple implementations of health information technology. As a result of this experience and additional education at Stanford University, he created a Health Informatics Certificate program at the University of West Florida in 2004. He is currently a clinical associate professor in the Internal Medicine Department at Virginia Commonwealth University.


In 2015 he became board certified in Clinical Informatics and in 2019 he became a fellow of the American Medical Informatics Association. 

Because there were very few up-to-date and practical textbooks on Health Informatics he launched Health Informatics: Practical Guide in 2007. The seventh edition was launched in 2018 and is available in print, PDF, Kindle, and rental versions. Textbook information is available under the Format Choices tab. Textbook proceeds are donated to informatics-related educational initiatives. Dr. Hoyt has also been involved with clinical and informatics research over the past two decades and he has published and lectured extensively in these areas. He is also a reviewer for multiple medical and informatics journals.

For the past several years Dr. Hoyt has been involved with various aspects of data science. As a result, he and Bob Muenchen are the editors of the new textbook Introduction to Biomedical Data Science, launched in December 2019. 



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