Each chapter has associated articles, links and videos to expand student knowledge. All articles links are hyper-linked to a MEDLINE resource. Most are linked to abstracts but [FULL TEXT] indicates that there is either a PDF download or the entire article is available. The Resource Center was last updated in November 2014. In the future Hillary Fox a Health Sciences librarian at the University of West Florida will be helping to contribute content.

If you are a University of West Florida student and trying to find a full text article in the UWF library here are some additional instructions.

Chapter 1 Overview of Health Informatics
Chapter 2 Healthcare Data, Information and Knowledge
Chapter 3 Healthcare Data Analysis
Chapter 4 Electronic Health Records
Chapter 5 Health Information Exchange
Chapter 6 Health Data Standards
Chapter 7 Architectures of Information Systems
Chapter 8 Health Information Privacy and Security
Chapter 9 Health Informatics Ethics
Chapter 10 Consumer Health Informatics
Chapter 11 Mobile Technology and mHealth
Chapter 12 Online Medical Resources
Chapter 13 Medical Information Retrieval
Chapter 14 Evidence Based Medicine and Clinical Practice Guidelines
Chapter 15 Disease Mangement and Disease Registries
Chapter 16 Quality Improvement Strategies
Chapter 17 Patient Safety and Health Information Technology
Chapter 18 Telemedicine
Chapter 19 Medical Imaging Informatics
Chapter 20 Bioinformatics
Chapter 21 Public Health Informatics
Chapter 22 E-Research

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